Become a fundraising partner

Being partners is a great way of supporting the work of the charity, and also benefiting your business. Professional development, team building, better profile - all could be part of our relationship.

Engage your employees

Getting your employees involved in fundraising is a great way to help the charity, and has lots of benefits for your business, by:

  • motivating your employees
  • creating fun and enjoyable activities
  • improving communication within teams, across departments or between locations
  • providing opportunities to team build and work together
  • raising the profile of your business

There's lots you can do - sponsored activities, sporting challenges, sponsored dress up days... Just remember:

  • Keep it simple
  • If you're working together try to come up with ideas that can involve as many people as possible.
  • If that's not possible, do just the opposite - try to come up with ideas that do not interrupt your working day (e.g. dress down days or sponsored give-it-up days, like chocolate or coffee)
  • Be creative and have lots of fun...
  • Why not set up a fundraising page on something like JustGiving?
  • Tell everyone what you're raising money for, and let us know. Contact your local papers and radio stations, and remember to take loads of photos on the day.

Involve your customers

Teaming up with the charity is a great way to raise funds, as well as enhancing the image of your business.

  • Do you have products you sell or services you provide that might donate a percentage to Mad Hatter’s?
  • Would you like to host a collection box for us?

Corporate sponsorship

Would you like to raise your profile? Getting involved with Mad Hatter’s events might be the way to do it. We do a wide range of events and activities, and we're open to new ideas.

Charity of the Year

Does your organisation have a charity of the year? Mad Hatter’s Children’s Charity could be the charity for you.

Payroll giving

Payroll giving is a painless way for employees to give a little each month to a good cause. Get in touch to find out more..