To Boldly Go...

This project aims to break down the barriers that get in the way of letting this happen. Initially working with 3 special schools across the West Midlands, To Boldly Go... will support up to 30 children with disabilities to go where they will not have been before – abseiling, canoeing, outdoor activities. Working with a local outdoor centre over a year, children with limited mobility or wheelchair-bound will be able to take part in activities they would not have thought possible, and groups that attend will be mixed to encourage social interaction between children of different schools.

To Boldly Go... will enrich the lives of Children with Special Educational Needs. The project will:

  • Support children to take part in adventurous play
  • Provide social opportunities for children of different schools to mix
  • Encourage the schools to work more closely together
  • Evaluate the benefits of this type of intervention

Teachers, carers and parents will be able to see what their children can take achieve given the right support; children will have a lasting memory, made new friends, and have had their confidence boosted; the children’s progress will be monitored, and it is anticipated the final report will be used to evidence the benefits of this type of activity, and so support the future funding of these types of project. This project is about focusing on children’s abilities, and what they can achieve, rather than allowing their disabilities to define them.

This project is funded by John Horniman's Children's Charity, although we continue to seek further funding from other sources in order to expand the project.

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